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Meet Loud Music, the best way to find and share new music.

Listen & share for free.

Everytime you share a link and someone makes a purchase, you'll earn $1 (for every sale).

"Get Into" an album for $9.99

When you share a link from an album you've purcahsed, you'll earn $3 for every sale.


Sharing great music is what it's all about.

As soon as another fan Gets Into an album from your link, we'll credit your account instantly. You can Share & Get Into more independent albums, as well as withdraw funds to a debit card.

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Get Into new music

Like what you hear? "Get Into" the album for $9.99 an LP or $5.99 an EP.

Share Music & Earn

No more personal responsibility! You'll now be constantly reminded to stand up and move around.

Get $1 - $3 per sale

Share any album for free & earn $1 anytime another fan buys from your link. Earn up to $3 when you share an album you've purchased!

Discover & share music

Listen to great music, share it with your network, and get paid. All with Loud Music.


Listen through different "stacks" of music with the Loud Music Player. We're always adding new music to the stack so stay in "the-know". Download Loud Music.

Keep track(s) of your music

Whenever you Share or Get Into music, it's always waiting for you in your "My Music" tab. Plus, track your sales and withdraw your earnings!

Stream & Download

Instantly gain access to download to your PC or Mac for any purchase.

Go on, Get Into it.

Loud Music helps fans make new fans. When a new fan buys music from a shared link, the artist + fans make money. We think that's bad-ass.

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